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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  August 11, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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morgan stanley note makes waves. finally getsiting to a point of cap x expanding. >> and a deal bigger than all energy u.s. m&a so far this year. >> $70 billion for that total ent enter surprise value. >> and the judge is back. >> welcome to the halftime show. we do begin with the markets. and stocks are picking up right where they left off on friday. gaining yet again. raising the question today of whether this correction is either over or nearing an end point. here is what big bear mark farber told cnbc. >> i think the rebound is under
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way in my opinion, but it would make new highs maybe just with a very limited number of shares. tech kanical damage is quite significant. >> so best two days for stocks in six months. so this correction and volatility is back in a big way at least it was over the last couple of weeks. do you think the correction has run its course? >> i don't know. i think the real challenge -- from a technical perspective, short tell, 1965 seems to be the area that a lot of technicians are pointing to which would be a make or break as the s&p gets that level and challenges it. who knows what will happen. i think the positive here that we could talk about is that the stocks that most people seem to be so worried about because they're high beta or more exciting or tare the tech stockd nasdaq still managed to hold its
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50 day moving average. and i think a lot of people are pointing to that leadership and looking at that as something that we can build upon. what worries me most is what is happening over in europe with the european stocks and those in- indice indices. technical damage seems to really be scaring people away. >> how much should we care about what is taking place elsewhere? italy, recession. russia, recess. german industrial growth, slowing. ukraine, israeli, sggaza. >> as you're looking at the market, you have to pay attention to those because that's what pushed us down. nothing happening in the united states market pushing us to the down side. if you look item at the numbers. has been relatively positive. so we have to keep an eye on what is going on geopolitically around the globe. there are three or four
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firestorms across. but look at that volatility index. it's pushing back down toward the 200 day moving average. if you look at 50 and 200 day, they're not that far apart. because of that, i think that will be a very important number. call it somewhere between 13.25 and 13.50, that is an area i'd be looking for. but every time get lower, buy protection. it allows to you stay with something like tesla or priceline. >> meridian equity part necessary and michelle caruso-cabrera here, as well. michelle, should we care about what is going on globally? the situation in so many different pockets overseas is somewhat gloomy. >> i think the ultimate question is what is the size of the ynd lying economy in question. and the fact is gaza is not a meaningful economy. when it comes to northern iraq,
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quite frankly, to be blunt, what do people care about, whether or not it will disrupt oil production in the north about so that haeartbreaking to watch, bt russia is a completely different situation. it's a meaningful which i. economy. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already,hich . economy. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already, i. economy. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already,. economy. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already, econ. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already, econ. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already,econo. and so when sanction are imposed to them and they have a weakening economy already, that will hurt all their trading partners. >> power of the russian story on full display on friday. a headline changes the entire tone in the market. and moves to a 180 point gain. k i can't hear jonathan. but you saw how quickly the market turned around and seemingly building on that.
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>> so the question is does russia matter. does any of the geopolitical events matter. the answer is yes. so that led to the pull back of roughly 4%. and while that was going oshs ea on, eshings were coming out relatively strong. so we're right back in an up move. so i'm watching 1940 on the s&p. we hold above that. josh pointed out 1956. i still say the s&p short of something exploding in a negative way, i still think it prints 2,000 soon. >> here is the other problem if you're somewhat bullish. volume on the up side these past couple days is fairly weak compared to volume on the down side. this is maybe a little fool's rally that we've seen. >> august will be kind ever
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weird because you have a slow time frame. but i would just go back to the fundamentals of what the guides are saying. the u.s. economy is getting better. china has stabilized which is a good thing. most people thought that was going to be a big problem. earnings are running up 11%. that is really a lot better than we thought. and not everything is perfect. we raise cash a couple of weeks ago. started putting some of it back because some of the stocks got hit in the face of very good earnings. so you have to watch, but i think the big picture -- >> you know, you have a 73% beat rate for earnings. and epg all but five or six s&p companies have reported at this point, which is running better than the historical average period. the other thing that is noteworthy is the average beat is something like 4 and change percent. we're not talking about gamesmanship where every comes in a again any ahead of
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expectations. there are legitimate beats on the bottom line, top line also good. com bin combine it with the jobs front of, hard to makt case that the correction will lead to another worm hole for the market or for the economy. and i think for that reason, the correction remains shallow. >> the problem is that if the story of the market right now is based solely on what is happening here in the united states, whether the earnings beat, where the economy appears to be, you have a pretty good story to write. the problem is the unknown of almost everywhere else around the world and the impact that is having on the psychology of investors. >> absolutely p. the geopolitical headline is can have a major effect. we're where we should be considering can have a major effect. we're where we should be considering tapering.s can have a major effect. we're where we should be considering tapering. can have a major effect. we're where we should be considering tapering. but overseas will add to the
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market. and in-t think the u.s. interacn will be important. how far do we put our foot in. and when the headlines come up clearly with the head leans talking about us getting involved in iraq, american sentiment kind of steps back a bit. so the long term effect is what we will have to see. >> all right. thanks. the broad market play not be in a full scale correction, but some big name consumer stocks certainly are. dom has though those deal tails. >> 176 stocks this correction mode or worse.l tails. >> 176 stocks this correction mode or worse. tails. >> 176 stocks this correction mode or worse.tails. >> 176 stocks this correction mode or worse. a theme that is emerging, many of them are consumer driven. so let's take a look the three of them. first of all, ross stores,
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discount off price retailer, has shed about 20% off of its more recent highs. analysts still think that this stock given their price target has a 16% up side. so maybe a stock that some traders want to get into if they're looking for a pop. one beaten down quite bit. also best buy, this is a stock this has lost over a third of its value from recent highs. yet wall street analysts still think with their price targets that this stock has a 13% up side just to get to the average tar gets. and we'll finish on the mid to upper serange, coach has seen a bit of stabilization, but still down 37% from its recent high. analysts don't think it has much room to grow. but you put it all in the frame of what will happen this week, we will unofficially close large cap earnings season.
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check out these names. all consumer names on deck to report earnings throughout the course of the week. >> walmart downgraded today and also you have made the argument on occasion, municipal tltiple t coach is worthy of a look. is 34% down worthy of that look? >> i think i've been pretty consistent in saying new products don't get into the store unstill september. so we have to see how that plays out. and what i miscalculated was how much competition they would lose from the cores. but i think the risk/reward is kind of interesting. coach company had specific issues. but something like a macy's sets up pretty well. jcpenney was upgraded.
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we took gander at pvh. >> you've been in that name before. >> we have. and we sold at 131. it fell 17% and i think the risk/reward is rather interesting. american express, u.p.s., also a up canner feel to it that we think are wor it. coming up, kinder morgan plans to consolidate, but did someone know something before that announcement? and amazon blocking pre-sales on disney. is it a smart move? we'll debate that. and do you ever wonder what pete does when he's not trading or grooming his pony tail? we go off the desk and into the
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let do our trader blitz. four calls on four stocks. first up tesla upgraded to buy. a little late to the game? >> possibly. but i think a lot of people will jump in. and they talk about in 2016 doing over $9 a share in earnings. you can make a real argument for why there could be a $3 stock. >> walmart downgraded from hold to buy. >> i don't think there is anything new here. i understand and appreciate the competition. but the stock has gone from 81 to 74. i think in the low 70s with that yield, that is kind of an interesting setup. >> and freeport from buy to hold. >> and there was a bank of america upgrade, as well. i think there is a call for higher copper.
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and i think just this group, materials in general, have act the much better than the overall market during the pull back. can which leads me to believe there is institutional money finally and i think they will do well. i own it for the play book and real life. >> we own it. >> krispy kreme upgraded. >> and the stock actually battered down towards the lower he said of the last calendar year. but the stock ran into december of 2013, it's pulled. back. presently above 30. i don't think you have to schas chase it.
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>> and pepsi being called the only beverage stock you need to own. steven you powers joining us. you're making a fundamental case, but you also have the back stop of the activist nelson peltz. is that the story you're riding? >> that's right. first half of this year has shown evidence that pepsi has turned a corner. acting with a whole lot more sense of urgency on its own right. frito lay has been solid. international snacks and beverages have been good. and north american beverage i see the momentum building. on the bottom line. and you're right, you have the back stop of peltz has been vocal. investors come out of those
12:18 pm
meetings believing in his commitment and believing that a lot of what he's pushing for has merit, as well. so to me i think peltz' presence is into shareholders. and if pepsi falls short, you have a degree of insurance against down side. >> pete, you own the stock. >> and i think there is plenty of up side, as well. but without peltz, would you be comfortable with the $100 price target? >> it would be a little tougher. i do think his presence has upped the sense of urgency. that being said, i think what they're doing now has the likelihood to just continue on its own right. so pel tz is a nice back stop. not necessarily core, but it does play into this quite
12:19 pm
substantially. the most push back i've got is that pepsi has been a good stock year to date. pure names like coke have lagged. why not go with coke versus pepsi. and the issue is this. as you were talking about, this is a of it environment for consumer stocks. and pepsi is doing things that create opportunity for itself. whereas coke is still playing the same cards it's been playing for years. and i think pepsi helps push the case forward. >> to expand upon the question, nelson peltz wants to improve value for shareholders you can himself bei, himself being one of them. but how much of this is already baked in?
12:20 pm
the stock price has performed. is there more value for him to unlock? >> year to date it's been good. one year basis has lagged. five year basis has logged a lot. so still a lot of trapped up side for pep is ortrian to unlock. would it win a proxy fight today? i think that's debatdebatable. if pepsi continues to perform, the odds that they win the battle probably goes down. but it's still good for shareholders. but if pepsi missteps and you see a pull back, i think the odds of their success goes up. >> steven, thanks. what do you think? >> he makes a good argument. i think the stock above 90 probably could work its way toward 100. i don't see any problem with that. but longer terp, i question the
12:21 pm
secretary you cuellar idea that we will ever drink more soda in north america. and if we exploit that lack of interest in pepsi's core product elsewhere in the world, it's really going to be a tough stock to own the next three, 10 years. so i'm not a buyer. >> would you be a buyer on the peltz scenario? >> i don't understand why that is such a great idea. pepsi seems to outperform coke primarily because it has the snap division. and when i'm chewing on f inini i get thirsty. for some reason they think it's powerful to separate it. but again, that's the another area of this company, it just doesn't excite me that much as a potential investor. >> want to talk to josh? >> by all means. i wouldn't short it.
12:22 pm
i don't get excited when i hear about coke or pepsi or any kind of spinoffs. i think these stocks have gun well. >> it's always been about the combination to me of the fact that they had the snacks division that actually helps balance the whole thing out. and somebody who doesn't have that but still no one talks about, but monster beverage, this has been on a tear to the up side. when you look at the net sales, this company gets sort of swept off to the side. it's all about coke, dr. pep, pepsi, but this is one to keep an eye on, as well. coming up, a battle of the titans. why amazon is no longer ordercoy movi movies.
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amazon taking on disney. halting pre-sales of at least two titles. so which giant will come out ahead in the battle? logon to to cast your bhal lot allot in real tim. who wants to jump in first? >> i don't know why amazon would want to pick a fight with disney. my kids want the movies. there are so many other things they could do. disney is stronger than they have ever been. it doesn't make sense to me. >> amazon is going after the
12:27 pm
publishers, not really disney. and the e boork ebooks with so expensive. so i don't think is this a negative for disney, but just business as usual for amazon. >> two thirds of the voters say disney will win this. josh, what do you think? >> we go threw these regimes where we say content is king, then we say distribution is king. and it always seems to be a back and forth. at the current moment, kept is king and i don't think amazon will be successful if they try to preclude people from buy things like frozen or any of the stuff that they seem to be pushing back on pre-orders. i think this is a skirmish, not a war. at least at this point. and i think it will have little impact on both stocks. but just interesting to keep aware of that dynamic and media. because it might benefit amazon's competitors. >> apple for instance. 30% of the home entertainment is
12:28 pm
internet delivery. and it's somebody like apple. it still goes down to whos hat contents. disney will win. amazon might not be very happy with it, but it is more of a skirmish. >> 56% to 44%, kiss a disney cot on top. >> and the bulls may look this one. transportation indices outperforming the broader market. you can see the transports are leading the way higher. if you look at names like jetblue, kansas city southern, some big names in the transportation stocks are leeing t leading the market higher. so it may an leading kaindicato for how the market performs overall. >> best couple of days in a while.
12:29 pm
>> take a look at these rails and the airlines. last week we had all the huge unusual activity. as the made are kare market wasg to the down side, stocks completely flipped around. so people are looking for opportunities. it's not buying stocks that should be sold out, it's buying those that are weren't sold out as they should. >> jetblue breaking out to new highs. and you have a company like cummins, got sold off in a pretty big way. >> at 140, it gets interesting again. because it was at all time highs. and expectations were
12:30 pm
unrealistic. but the one that is interesting is u.p.s. oig. they lowered numbers because they are aggressively investing in the business.. they lowered numbers because they are aggressively investing in the business.they lowered nu they are aggressively investing in the business. so interesting risk/reward. >> i would agree on u.p.s.. is th this is on stop i've been bullish on. anytime the stock sells off to the point where the yield is competitive with the s&p, i think you want to take a strong look at it. and that seems to happen a couple times each year. >> coming up, rory mcilroy's dramatic pga championship win in the dark and how his earnings compare to tiger woods. a new era to golf? but first, stocks seeing big activity. [bell rings] ♪ time and sales data. split-second stats.
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we'll show you some under the radar market movers you might be missing. our traders are not. receive ann stephanie. >> deep water driller at its low and merrill lunch downgraynch d. a lot of bad news is in the
12:34 pm
stock. 6.1% dividend yield. we've been buying. >> frontier markets, the hottest investment theme on earth. you've seen $2.2 billion come into frontier markets and that is while 700 million have been arrived out of em. you just have to be careful about how you play it. you have the two biggest etfs with radically different performance. on the one hand, frn up 4% year to date. fm up 16%. you really want to know what the underlying exposures are there before you get into frontier's, because it could have a huge impact on the portfolio allocation. >> i'll go back to the banks. you look where the rally is resuming its uptrend, but look at bank of america. look at the city. i'm going to still say i love the risk/reward. when the market rally resume -- >> where is the reward. >> great question.
12:35 pm
but if i can fcan go into a tra with limited risk, i'll take that first. if they trade to book value, i will make good morning. >> i just think you need rates to go higher for the stocks to outperform apnd you have prchp diversify. >> is lack of risk and a put off reward worthy of buying one of those stocks? >> no doubt they're cheap, but they can stay cheap. and i think you need to be able to make a case that rates going higher to get really aggressive. >> i think eventually they are. >> it could be in december. and so why do you need to be totally overweight. we own a lot of banks, but i think you want to be more diversifi diversified. >> you have positive news on bank of america. trade back up to 18 bucks. >> but it got pass news last week and it's at 15 and chang.
12:36 pm
it didn't rally to where people thought it would. >> and it's not all in-santa gr instant gratification. but here i think you can buy it. >> and miller's fund focusing on buying and selling and paying off. he's beating the s&p so far this year. david miller is the co-founder and ceo. he joins us with a few new stocks landing on his radar. one of these names jumps right out. herbalife. make the case. i know about the insider buying and selling. but there is so much more at play. >> there has been a whole lot at play. but the interesting thing is the two big player, carl icahn, when they were getting involved, there was a lot of insider selling and the stock was trading in the 70s before it pulled back after the accusations down into around the
12:37 pm
$50 territory before it popped back up. and the insiders came in massively at the cend of july ad started buying in big clusters. >> beazer homes. >> they got very cheap. insiders started buying in a big way. first time earnings have really turned around. just this most recent quarter they started to make money. they didn't have a good earnings report, but insiders bought really big into news that the street doesn't like, that's where we found a great story. >> these are new positions for you, you've seen the insider buying and selling arrest you've established these positions? >> some of both. some very recent purchases and some over the past few months. >> i'm getting slaughtered this beazer. it's in my play book playoffs.
12:38 pm
the one stock that is crushing me. >> i think the builders, it's very interesting, one thing i would look for in the builders is insider buying because i think if you look at history, the insiders there have had a very good track record in knowing the right times to buy these things. so i'm not there just yet, but and i will look at it. >> a more general question. when you look for insider buying, what is the type of insider buy that gets you guys the most curious? what is the thing that jumps out you you say let's drop everything, let's look at this company and try to find out more? >> what we're doing is looking for companies that have dramatic insider buying.>> what we're do for companies that have dramatic insider buying. so kinder morgan, all the
12:39 pm
entities around it are the perfect example. all three had massive insider buying ahead of their announcement. and then you see the stock pop huge. not just one or two. >> do your metrics get blown off with insider buying something. >> a perfect example in chesapeake. because there were multiple other exec tiutives selling whi aubrey was buying. stock rallied back big after he was fired. >> noble corp. >> noble has had a big insider buying. trading only about nine times forward earnings.
12:40 pm
it's not just noble. we have a real energy renaissance going on. and many energy companies are having very substantial insider buying. >> david, good to see you. >> thank you for having me on. >> let's go to the market flash desk for a look at what is moving right now. >> so here is what we're watching. allergen shares moving lower. reuters reporting that activist investor value act, which is the third largest shareholder, says the drawn out bidding war is not worth the cost. and believes in a stand alone plan. it says it doesn't believe the canadian drug maker has to buy allergen at all. you can see shares trading down here. valiant shares coming off lows. still an interesting insight from one of the biggest shareholders giving their piece of the pie, at least their thoughts on it. coming up, nfl training camp is nothing compared to the tough training pete and his kids get.
12:41 pm
we'll go off the desk and into the real world with pete next. and a big announce frment from kinder morgan. but does someone know something before the news came out. wait until you see the unusual activity. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference.
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we hope you you'll join us for "power lunch". plane, trains. you can make money in transportation stocks?"power lu. plane, trains. you can make money in transportation stocks? stan fisher says it's weak and what could it mean for your money. and stocks in bear territory. we have a list of individual issues that are. and we'll ask whether these stocks are now poised to break out and move higher. watch "power lunch" at 1:00. scott, back to you and welcome back. >> thanks. kinder morgan's stock roaring to a record high. jackie deangelis joins us with those details. >> good afternoon. let me give you the nuts and bottoms what we're looking at. kin exercise morgan consolidating its subsidiaries under one roof, a $44 billion deal.
12:45 pm
cash and stock. and actually this is the biggest deal of this sort thatsince exx mobile back in 1999. kinder bringing its north american pipelines an energy storage terminals under one roof. what is basically happening here is that the company is shedding its master limited partner stubble in a bid to grow a bit faster and is this atthis is at time as the energy boom grows. an industry that could grow to the tune of $640 billion in terms of adding infrastructure and services. that's according to one industry report. now, the takeaway here is that streamlining a business will help the company grow faster. the ceo was on our air this morning saying that it will invest more in operations and that there are those on the street who also think that it could use some of its cash to look for potential acquisitions, as well. >> thanks so much.
12:46 pm
pete, we talked about the unusual activity back in june. >> yeah, we did. and as a matter of fact, i will forward it right away because -- actually, i think you have one where you have all three of those performing. john talked about some el paso paper we'd seen back in june. and in july, kinder morgan energy paper. this is the one that really stood out. i know that one didn't move the most 10%, but i'll tell you what, they were buying the calls. 40,000 of the january 42 1/2 calls were purchased. so we talk about energy, we've been talking about this for a long time, unusual activity, energy has been highlighted. some of these names have come up. i know john talked about a few. i've talked about a few. these options today and these jan 42s, these kmis, went from 23 cents up to over a dollar today. so gives you an idea of
12:47 pm
performance. >> 40,000 calls in kmi. how does that compare to what we would normally see? >> it's a huge number. it's well beyond normal. i would say this, however. in some of these napeme, you se large activity fairly consistently. but i'll tell you what, definitely unusual. why we highlighted it before when it was actually hit and now you can see some of the creatre today. i'm still in it, but debating when to get out it. i probably have to start making some decisions real soon. >> okay. pete, thanks. coming up, why these passengers were on the edge of their seats for five hours in maryland over the weekend. but first, pete once again, he takes no prisoners when it comes to trade, but does he still to the same strategy off the desk.
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12:50 pm
♪ now to my favorite part of the program. not so fast, mike murphy. our traders are quick, but not always right. in july a bullish call on kkr. >> a great different, also a lot of the investment banks deals that are out there, a lot of the asset management as you touched on. that's the way i want to be in the financials right now. kkr. >> talked about the financials.
12:51 pm
what do you do now with the stock down? >> you stay there. >> is this a playbook move? >> moved it into my playbook. it's down 2%, you factor in the different it's probably up. not doing what i expected it to do, but same thing. i think it's a great way to play the financials, kkr, a great dividend, investment banking, a lot of up side, cease management. >> well, you may think you know the halftime team, but you only know half of the story. we're taking you off the desk into the real world to find out what the traders do when they're not trading. what gives pete najarian his competitive edge? take a look. >> when i'm doing "fast money" i am focused -- literally laser-focused on everything we are talking about. trading is a monster rush for me, but when i'm not trading, it's all about sports.
12:52 pm
i've loved playing football over the years, and professional football life was great. >> he's enthusiastic about almost everything. >> faster, faster. >> i'm cole najarian, and i'm pete's son. he comes home from work and asked me if i want to go to the track. >> i love the sport of track. i think it's such a passionate thing i want to pass on to my kids. it's something you can do the whole life. it's fun. i think this is probably the last one. >> he's extremely passionate about working with young athletes. >> he's always putting you back up on your feet and helping you to regain confidence. >> pete really wants to win. pete really wants to be right. >> i love the enthusiasm. it's great. sometimes he takes up my airtime. >> i don't need to xhalening everybody. i know who would win. >> we played golf not too long ago. pete, stick with football.
12:53 pm
>> what's the most thrilling in life? a killer trade and literally taking a quarterback out, a perfect hit in front of 100,000 people. they're about equal. it really does come down to all of the same things. if you're disciplined, doing your research, your home work and you're preparing, you have a pretty good opportunity to do well. >> i see a cross between clay matthews and jesse the body. how long have you been coaching? >> i coached at every level all the way up, but when they got to high school, i still added on some coaching. >> you find 'em what you do on a day-to-day basis, he played in the nfl no a number of years. you still get that rush? >> there's a rush every single morning there's a rush, literally. coming in here with you guys, it's a rush. you challenge me. >> he tackles me in the greenroom before every show. now toed ground, but to the
12:54 pm
wall. don't blow it day, i appreciate it. >> it's fun. tomorrow a big treat for everybody but me. >> i heard about it. sounds good. coming up, you're looking at the new king of the pga tour. is this the beginning of a new era in golf this boy, that win was big yesterday. third start in a row. final trade's up next. rory's big win, next. where the reward was that what if tnew car smelledit card and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one.
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so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are24/7branches? it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. today's worth trade, a roler coaster ride. froze 45 feet in the air with 24 passengers on board. look at the rescuers. can you imagine being one of those guys climbing up there?
12:58 pm
they passed out umbrellas. thankfully no one was hurt. maybe a couple sunburns. now six flags is saying the computerized safety system made the ride stop. >> i got stuck on one in barcelona. we were upsidedown, though. >> it restarted? >> finally. not good. too much blood going to your head on that one. rory mcelroy had it a bit easier. he need the the competitive edge, not to mention the darkness, to take his second major of the year, third start in a row. number one golfer in the row, blew an early fourth-round lead only to charge back on the back nine. he takes the pga championship, a two-hour rain delay turning the end into darkness. almost didn't finish. it looked a lot darker than that, too, on the tv. his fourth major by the age of
12:59 pm
25. he's earned nearly $7 million on tour this year. tier, $122,000. he's been hurt, hasn't had that many starts, but rory is clearly the next big thing. >> you look at the body language of tiger, he's just not there. rory is doing everything right, and it seems similar to tiger. he has that je ne sais quoi, if you will. >> did you watch it? >> yeah, i did. i watched it this morning on the treadmill. i think he looks great. he looks physically fit, much different than he has over the next several years, and three wins will do it, for sure. >> certainly got to be good news for nike, pete, in the exposure that he's giving them. >> right. >> in the golf arena, which is hurting right now. dick's sporting goods had
1:00 pm
negative things to say recently. the rating -- i think the preliminary numbers are pretty big. >> and if tiger is not there, you have rory, they're happy to be sponsored right now. final trades. >> scx, boardwalk, clf. >> we'll see you tomorrow. halftime is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> we all know that scott and my golf game are much better in the dark, folks. exodus, reports of oil workers and executives fleeing iraq, this as a new drama off the new jersey coast erupts as kurdistan and iraq bring their olympic fight just miles from where i'm standing right now in


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